Welcome to Department of Information Engineering

The Department of Information Engineering (DII) was established in 2011 following the merge of the previous departments of DIBET (Department of Biomedical, Electronics and Telecommunication engineering) and DIIGA (Department of Computer, Management and Automation engineering).

DII has currently 66 academics including full professors, associate professors and researchers, involved in teaching and research activities. An important contribution to the development of different activities is given by young researchers, Ph.D. students, postdoctoral researchers and fellows. In addition, there are highly qualified administrative staff and several technicians in charge of supporting the research and teaching activities with the management of several laboratories.

DII coordinates:

  • the Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering
  • the Master Degree in Biomedical Engineering (in english)
  • the Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering and Digital Technologies
  • the Master Degree in Electronic Engineering
  • the Bachelor Degree in Computer and Automation Engineering
  • the Master Degree in Computer and Automation Engineering
  • the Bachelor Degree in Information Engineering for Videogame and Virtual Reality
  • the Bachelor Degree with professional orientation in Industrial and Information Systems (based in Pesaro)
  • the Research Doctorate in Information Engineering, organized in two curricula:
    – Biomedical, Electronics, Telecommunication Engineering and Nanotechnologies (IBET)
    –  Computer, Management and Automation Engineering (IIGA)

DII promotes activities in most research areas of Information Engineering field, including: Applied Economics, Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time Operating Systems, Automation, Bio-engineering, Circuit Theory, Computational Intelligence, Discrete Optimization and Mathematical Programming, Electrical and Electronic Measurements, Electromagnetism, Electronics, Nanoelectronics, Operational Research, Optics and Photonics, Robotics and Mechatronics, Signal Processing, Software Engineering, Systems and Control Theory, Business Technology, Telecommunications and others.
The Department is structured in several research groups with homogeneous scientific interest. Research is supported by several laboratories and computer facilities. Most of the researchers have strict collaborations with other research institutions such as other universities and agencies, joining to national and international research programs. Particular attention is dedicated to the technology transfer towards public and private companies, and to the collaboration with the local, social and economic background.
The high quality of the developed research is documented by the great number of publications produced every year and included on top-level international journals, conference proceedings and book chapters. The Department is also involved into an intensive scientific dissemination activity which includes: Department Colloquia (seminars periodically held by department’s researchers), Guest Seminars (seminars held by guest researchers hosted by the department) and Distinguished Lectures (lectures held by international recognized researchers in the fields of information engineering).