Incubation Period

    • Aidapt s.r.l.
      Sector: ICT
      Activity: Design and implementation of advanced computer systems through innovative technologies based on Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Big Data Analytics  
      Address: Via Brecce Bianche, 12 – 60131 (AN)
      Phone: 071 2205426
      E-mail: info@aidaptsrl.com
      Website: www.aidaptsrl.com
    • ANCHARIA s.r.l.
      Sector: ICT
      Activity: Soluzioni altamente innovative per la messa in sicurezza delle infrastrutture di rete aziendali, senza nessun blocco sulla produttività e con costi accessibili
      E-mail: info@ancharia.net
      Website: www.ancharia.net
    • Ancybernetics s.r.l.
      Sector: Automation
      Activity: Development, production, and marketing of an innovative mechatronic kit for educational and intelligent entertainment purposes, intended for primary and secondary schools, universities, and retailers of educational technological games
      Address: Via Brecce Bianche, 12, 60131 Ancona (AN)
      Phone: +
      E-mail: info@ancyb.it
      Website: www.ancybernetics.it
    • CALLISIA s.r.l.
      Sector: ICT, Health
      Activity: Development and commercialization of doctor-patient systems aimed at preventing clinical risk using advanced technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms.
      Address: Via Brecce Bianche, 60131 Ancona, Italia  Phone: +39 328 659 4491
      E-mail: tech@callisia.healthWebsite: www.callisia.health

Ex Spin-off

  • Syncode s.c.a.r.l.
    Sector: ICT
    Activity: Development of innovative Cloud Software solutions in the automation and retail sector
    Contact Person: Andrea Monteriù
    Pec: syncode@pec.it
    E-mail: info@syncode.it
    Website: www.syncode.it
  • Tech4 Care s.r.l.
    Sector: Health Care
    Activity: Research, Design, and Technology Transfer
    Address: Via G. Marconi, 31 60015 Falconara Marittima (AN)
    Phone: 3384748236
    E-mail: info@tech4care.it
    Website: www.tech4care.it
  • META S.r.l. 
    Sector: Energy
    Activity: Design, implementation, and marketing of HW and SW systems.
    Address: Department of Information Engineering
    Phone: 0712204382
    E-mail: info@metasistemi.it
    Website: www.metasistemi.it
  • WiSense S.r.l.  

    Sector: Home Automation
    Designing, planning, and marketing highly technological products in the field of home automation.
    Address: Department of Information Engineering
    Phone: 3358116563
    Website: www.wisense.it

  • DOWSEE S.r.l. 

    Sector: Supply of products, R&D, management of computer systems, maintenance.

    Activity: Supply of products and services for the collection, transmission, and processing of data from monitoring systems and measuring equipment; technological solutions for the smart use of primary resources; management of computer systems and measurement and control devices; provision of services in integrated engineering and specific know-how; R&D activities; system maintenance; registration and management or sale of emerging patents and prototypes..

    Address: Via I Maggio 150/b – 60131 Ancona (AN) Italy

    Phone: +39 071 214 6871

    E-mail: info@dowsee.it

    Website: www.dowsee.it

  • B Med s.r.l.

  • N.O.W. S.r.l. 
    Sector: Telecommunications, Defense, and Aerospace 
    Activity: Design and manufacturing of prototypes of microwave components
    Address: Via Brecce Bianche (c/o Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione) – 60131 Ancona
    Phone: 071 2204884

    Sector: Information Technology
    Activity: Development and production of SW systems 
    Address: Viale Don Minzoni n.6 – 60035 Jesi (AN)
    Phone: 0731 214799  Fax: 0731 200421

    Sector: Information Technology
    Activity: Development of GIS software for geographic data management 
    Address: Via Sandro Totti 3 – 60131 Ancona
    Phone: 071 2320552; 071 2204899
    Mobile: 348 7289365
    info@si2g .ita.mancini@dii.univpm.it

    Website: www.si2g.it  

  • CEDAR Solutions S.r.l. 
    Sector: Electronic Design Automation
    Activity: Research, development, design, and marketing
    Address: Via Brecce Bianche (c/o Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione) – 60131 Ancona
    Phone: 071 2204848 – 071 2204460 – Fax 071 2204835
    c.turchetti@univpm.it , m.conti@univpm.it

  • I.D.E.A. – Informatics, Domotics, Environment, Automations – Soc. Coop. 
    Sector: Home Automation, Energy, Industrial, Civil, and Security Systems
    Activity: Research, development, and marketing 
    Address: C/O Gross Ancona – blocco I 12 giallo – via Luigi Albertini 36, 60131 Ancona
    Phone: 071 2119706 – Fax: 071 2119706
    Website: www.idea-on-line.it

  • Bint s.r.l.

  • ArieLab S.r.l. 
    Sector: Telecommunications
    Activity: Research, consultancy, and development
    Address: via Casine di Paterno – 60131 Frazione Paterno (AN)
    Tel. +39.071.8028042 Fax +39.071.802374
    E-mail: info@arielab.com; m.manzotti@arielab.com
    Website: http://www.arielab.com/

  • NAUTES S.p.a.
    Sector: Information Techology
    Activity: Production, service, consultancy, and development 
    Address: Jesi (AN), Viale Don Minzoni, 6
    Phone: 0731/214799

    Website – 

  • Revolt s.r.l.
    Sector: Sector: ICT
    Activity: Sviluppo di hardware e software
    Sector: Address: Via Brecce Bianche, 12 – 60131 (AN)
    Phone: 071 2204761
    E-mail: lucio.ciabattoni@revoltsrl.it, francesco.ferracuti@revoltsrl.it
    Website: www.revoltsrl.it

Out of business

  • BIN-UP S.r.l. 
    Sector: Internet of things – Health
    Activity: Production of mini eco-doppler medical instrumentation
    Address: Department of Information Engineering
    Phone: 0712204847 – 0712204128
    E-mail: p.pierleoni@univpm.itl.palma@univpm.it
  • Micro&NanoLab S.r.l. 
    Sector: Designing innovative hardware/software components
    Activity: Design, production, and marketing of integrated scanning probe microscopy systems 
    Address: Department of Information Engineering
    Phone: 071-2204840
  • 3D-SVS Soc.Coop. 
    Sector: Automotive, Home Automation, Robotics
    Activity: Development, production, and marketing of HW and SW systems
    Address: Department of Information Engineering
    Phone: 071 2204462
    E-mail: r.donnini@univpm.it

  • OPENMOB S.r.l.
    Sector: ICT 
    Activity: HW and SW development
    Address: Via  A. Vespucci, 9 – 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)
    Phone: 071 2204390 – Fax: 0712204474
    E-mail: a.f.dragoni@univpm.it