Research Area

  • Title:
    Magnetic Sensor for Robotics

  • Keywords:

    inductive coupling, sensors, robotics

  • Description:

    Design, realization, and testing of a magnetic sensor for robotic applications, to ensure a safety cooperations among humans and robots in an industrial environment. The sensor uses its intrinsic high sensitivity to the environment when it works close to its resonance frequency. According to the idea of an artificial skin, it is made by a wire, wrapped on a robotic arm or and a dielectric structure. Preliminary tests show that the sensor can detect the presence of a man up to a meter of distance. An electromagnetic model has been developed to describe the behaviour of the sensor, thus predicting its design parameters to optimize its performances in a defined scenario.

  • Laboratories:

    Antenna lab, Modeling Analysis, and Control of Dynamic Systems lab.

  • Contact Person:

    David Scaradozzi

  • Collaborations:

    University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland

  • Projects:
    SENsori di PRossimità Elettromagnetici – SENPRE