Aree tematiche

A significant part of the research activity concerns basic research, with the aim to increase understanding of fundamental principles. This provides a solid cultural starting point for the development of a number of activities more oriented to the application. A natural bridge in this sense is provided by the presence, within the Department, of several laboratories. The Department also hosts the activities of 8 spin-offs. Information on the spin-offs can be found at the following web page.
A number of co-operations are also established between the staff of DII and that of other Departments of the University for the activities related to other spin-offs. In order to give an idea of the several research activities developed in the Department, the following one is a list of the main topics:

  1. Applied Economics
  2. Bio-Engineering
  3. Circuit Theory and Signal Processing
  4. Electromagnetics
  5. Electronics
  6. Informatics
  7. Operations Research
  8. Systems and Control Theory
  9. Telecommunications
Applied   Economycs     
  • External Financing of High-tech Start-ups
  • Founder’s human capital and growth performances of high-tech start-ups
  • The Impact of Alliances and Merger & Acquisitions of High Tech-start-ups on Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Groups
  • Technology Transfer
  • Regional Innovation Systems
Circuit Theory and Signal Processing   
Operations Research
Systems and Control Theory