Regional Projects – MIRACLE

  • Project Name: MIRACLE (Marche Innovation and Research fAcilities for Connected and sustainable Living Environments)
  • Partners:
    – UNIVPM, UNICAM, INRCA, MECCANO, Fondazione Cluster Marche, MAC, ASK, iGuzzini, Elica, Gtronica, Proietti, DAGO, Eletica, BAX, UBISIVE, Videoworks, Flowing-Ideato, Automa, GrottiniLab, Leaff, Ferretti, Roccheggiani
  • DII Staff involved in the project:
    Stefania Cecchi
    – Ennio Gambi
    Adriano Mancini
    – Andrea Monteriù

    Paola Pierleoni
    – Susanna Spinsante
    – Stefano Squartini
  • Total Budget: 8,3 Mln Euro
  • Start date:  19.12.2019
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Descrizione:
    The MIRACLE project proposes the creation of a Laboratory of excellence to evolve, experiment, and encourage innovative and interoperable solutions in the home automation and living environments domain, integrating computational intelligence, IoT, cybersecurity, Edge/Cloud computing, and advanced human-machine/environment interfaces. It includes three R&D projects: “IoT for Human Safety”, for a technological infrastructure based on IoT and innovative devices for value-added services; “Intelligent Systems for comfort and environmental sustainability” for an ecosystem aimed at indoor comfort, through intelligent air treatment, involving common objects such as hood, purifiers, diffusers; “Advanced solutions for monitoring and human-system interaction” to monitor the environment and people through techniques able to recognise events, places, and people, exploiting multimedia signals to extract behaviors and analyze emotions. Download the project pdf here.
  • Project website: