National Projects – BATMAN

  • Project Name: BATMAN: Optimization of lithium battery management in automotive and energy storage
  • Project Consortium:
    – Università Politecnica delle Marche – UnivPM
    – MIDAC S.p.A.
  • DII staff involved in the project:
    Pierluigi Stipa
    Massimo Conti
    Simone Orcioni
  • Funding Call: Cariverona Fundation at “Bando Ricerca e Sviluppo 2019”
  • Start date:  2020
  • Duration: 2020-2022
  • Descrizione:
    In the renewable energy and sustainable mobility sector, lithium batteries are critical technological tools for pursuing the reduction of CO2 emissions. The aim of the project is to overcome existing problems regarding lithium battery technology and bring advanced control and analysis techniques to the industrial world, through the involvement of young researchers, to improve product performance. Electro-thermal and chemical models of lithium batteries will be developed. A statistical experimental characterization will be carried out by means electrical and chemical structure measurements of the cell. BMS hardware and algorithms will be designed: thermal management system, balancing and charging strategy, to achieve homogeneous aging of the cells to extend the life and reduce the aging of the battery pack as a whole. The performance of the new BMS will be verified with experimental measurements.
  • Project website: Fondazione Cariverona al “Bando Ricerca e Sviluppo 2019”