Research Area

  • Title:
    Electronics for Sustainable Mobility and Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Keywords:

    Structural Health Monitoring, Sustainable mobility

  • Description:
  • Structural Health Monitoring is an engineering process that consists of the use of sensors to extract response parameters due to actions (both ambient, anthropic and natural actions) such as stress, strain, displacement, velocity and acceleration. Its purpose is to detect, through the analysis of the variation in time of above parameters, unusual behaviors of the structure due to damage by determining approximately the position and extent of the problem on the structure and establishing the corrective actions to be undertaken. The research wis applied to the monitoring of infrastructure of sustainable mobility The research focus on the design of low power low cost IoT for Structural Health Monitoring and Sustainable mobility infrastructure using low cost accelerometer sensors.

  • Laboratory:

    Microelectronics Laboratory

  • Contact Person:

    Massimo Conti

  • Projects:
    • 2022-25 National Center on “Sustainable Mobility” funded by the PNRR
    • 2022-25 National Center “Centro internazionale per la ricerca sulle Scienze e Tecniche dalla RICostruzione fisica, economica e sociale – STRIC”Energy Storage”, funded by Fondazione Cariverona
    • 2020-22 “PROTECT: maPping the seismic Risk Of straTEgiC consTructions”, funded by Fondazione Cariverona