Research Area

  • Title:
    Artificially Intelligent Robotics

  • Keywords:

    Human-robot interaction, assistive robotics, robotics, building automation

  • Description:

    Assistive technologies like assistive robotics are being considered enablers to support the process of caregiving, potentially enhancing patient well-being and decreasing caregiver workload. In this scenario, the Human-Robot Interaction field needs to deepen the research about assessing the robotic systems used by human beings and improve assistive robotics acceptability and interaction. In this context, the main research activities regard:

    • Assistive robotics for mobility and monitoring
    • Human monitoring and localization for home and building automation
    • Human-robot interaction
  • Laboratory:

    Laboratory of Artificially Intelligent Robotics (LAIR)

  • Contact Person:

    Andrea Monteriù

  • Projects:
    • DANTE: Digital Solutions for a Healthy, Active and Smart Life Bando “European Digital Innovation Hubs (DIGITAL-2021-EDIH-01), (2021-2023),
    • Vitality – Ecosistema innovazione, digitalizzazione e sostenibilità per l’economia diffusa nel Centro Italia,
    • ChAALenge – Progetto PON n. F/180016/01-05/X43, “Fondo crescita sostenibile – Fabbrica intelligente, Agrifood e Scienze della vita” (2021-2023)
    • SI-ROBOTICS – “Invecchiamento sano e attivo attraverso SocIal ROBOTICS” (2019-2022),
    • MIRACLE “Marche Innovation and Research fAcilities for Connected and sustainable Living Environments” (2020-2023)