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The micro Electronic Laboratory (mElab) is a research and didactic Laboratory part of Information Engineering Department (DII) of the Università Politecnica delle Marche.

It is a research and didactical structure operating in the areas of:

System Level Design of  low power Integrated Circuits:

       Design and performance analysis of dynamic power management systems

       Power analysys in SystemC

       System Level Modelling of mixed-signal Systems in SystemC

       Design of multicore systems, on-chip communication architectures, network on chip, performance analysis of mixed systems NoC-AMBA AHB

       Design of Intellectual Properties in SystemC and VHDL

       Energy harvesting systems

       Wireless networks (Bluetooth, BLE, ZigBee): modelling in SystemC and hardware implementations. 

Applications of Embedded Systems:

       Ambient Assisted Living,

       Videosurveillance: Jpeg an Jpeg 2000 over Bluetooth and ZigBee

       Food Traceability: app on smartphone with NFC

       Services for Electric Vehicles: BMS, V2G Vehicle to grid Connection, Smart Grid.