WISES 2015 Program

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

9.00       Registration

9.20       Welcome:  D.Amodio, F. Piazza (UnivPM)

9.30       Invited presentations and round table

Perspective of ICT in 2020-30, Chair: M. Conti (UnivPM)

SW construction and reusability: automotive point of view, Marco Giobbi  (Magneti Marelli)

Attractive Technologies for Small Appliances, Marcello Belli (Indesit)

Smart data cloud application on connected machines, Gianluca Drudi, Santori Sara (BiEsse)

Demand for Technology in Household Appliances, Andrea Corsi (Gitronica)

iGuzzini lighting-a history of innovation. Light is Back. Expo 2015, Laura Cinquarla, Lorenzo Rebichini (Iguzzini)

Embedded Systems in the Factory of the Future: an application case, Cristina Cristalli (Loccioni)

12.00     Lunch

13.30     Session 1  (Chairman L. Sousa)

1.   Optimal Memory Selection for Low Power Embedded Systems, Marcus Eggenberger and Martin Radetzki

2.   Design of a TLM NAND Flash Controller Model for Audio Real-Time Applications, Marco Caldari, Franco Ripa, Massimo Conti and Matteo Gianfelici

3.   Load Balancing, Broadcast, and Scatter Primitives for Efficient Multicore Applications, Miltos Grammatikakis, Antonis Papagrigoriou, Polydoros Petrakis, Kostas Harteros and George Kornaros

4.   Hardware Performance Sniffers for Embedded Systems Profiling, Andrea Moro, Fabio Federici, Giacomo Valente, Luigi Pomante, Marco Faccio and Vittoriano Muttillo

15.00     coffee break

15.30     Session 2   (Chairman S. Fioretti, R. Seepold)

1.   Clinical Application of the Segmented-Beat Modulation Method for Fetal ECG Extraction, Angela Agostinelli, Sandro Fioretti, Francesco Di Nardo and Laura Burattini

2.   Performance Evaluation of a Pedestrian Navigation System Based on an Objective Experimental Method, Paola Pierleoni, Alberto Belli, Lorenzo Maurizi, Lorenzo

        Palma, Luca Pernini and Simone Valenti

3.   Sleep stages classification using vital signals recordings, Agnes Klein, Oana Ramona Velicu, Natividad Martínez Madrid, Ralf Seepold

4.   Heart-Rate Dependency of T-Wave Alternans During the Exercise and Recovery, Laura Burattini, Angela Agostinelli, Sumche Man, Sandro Fioretti, Francesco Di Nardo and Cees A. Swenne

5.   Cleaning the Electrocardiographic Signal from Muscular Noise, Laura Burattini, Angela Agostinelli, Elvira Maranesi, Agnese Sbrollini, Sandro Fioretti and Francesco Di Nardo

6.   Wireless sensor networks localization algorithm, Elma Zanaj, Amarildo Rista, Blerina Zanaj, Ezmerina Kotobelli and Ermal Elbasani



13.30-17.30     Poster Session

9.00-18.00        Maserati Exposition at main entrance of Facoltà di Ingegneria

18.00     Visit of the center of Ancona, (18.30 Duomo)

20.30     Conference dinner at the restaurant “Mangiare Bere Uomo-Donna” in the center of Ancona, Via della Loggia 5



Friday, October 30

9.00       Registration

9.20       Welcome:  Sauro Longhi (Rector of UnivPM)

9.30       Invited presentation

Attaining Performance Fairness in big.LITTLE systems,        Leonel Sousa (Universidade de Lisboa)

10.00     coffee break

10.30     Invited presentation & demo (DREAMS EU project)

High-Level Security Services based on a Hardware NoC Firewall Module.  Miltos Grammatikakis, Polydoros Petrakis, Antonis Papagrigoriou, George Kornaros and Marcello Coppola

Design of a NoC Firewall: system level models, prototyping on Zedboard, system drivers and high-level security services, Miltos Grammatikakis, Antonis Papagrigoriou (TEIC, Crete)

12.00     Lunch

13.30     Session 3 (Chairman W. Elmenreich)

1.   A Low-Power Wireless System for Energy Consumption Analysis at Mains Sockets, Matthias Altmann, Peter Schlegl and Klaus Volbert

2.   Smart Grid architecture for monitoring and analyzing, including modbus and REST performance comparison, Susanne Kenner, Raphael Thaler, Markus Kucera, Klaus Volbert and Thomas Waas

3.   Improvement of RS-485 performance over long distances using the ToLHnet protocol, Giorgio Biagetti, Paolo Crippa, Simone Orcioni, Nicola Ortolani, Claudio Turchetti and Laura Falaschetti

4.   A Flexible Approach for Inductive Load Driver in Automotive Application, Luca Pilato, Arcangelo Sisto, Luca Fanucci and Monica Giardi

5.   Model Implementation for the Extendable Open Source Power System Simulator RAPSim, Manfred Pöchacker and Wilfried Elmenreich

6.   A Novel Method to Speed-Up the Evaluation of Cyber-Physical Systems (ISO 26262), Ralph Weissnegger, Markus Pistauer, Christian Kreiner, Kay Roemer and Christian Steger

15.30     coffee break

16.00     Session 4   (Chairman S.Orcioni)

1.   sDDS: A Portable Data Distribution Service Implementa-tion for WSN and IoT platforms, Kai Beckmann,Olga Dedi

2.   BeeHive Lab Project – Sensorized Hive for Bee Colonies Life Study, Marco Giammarini, Enrico Concettoni, Cynthia Corina Zazzarini, Nicola Orlandini, Mariano Albanesi and Cristina Cristalli

3.   A low-cost robot for multi-robot experiments, Wilfried Elmenreich, Bernhard Heiden, Gerald Reiner and Sergii Zhevzhyk

4.   Embedded low level control of DC motors for actuating robotic legs, Andrea Bonci, Sauro Longhi, Massimiliano Pirani and Giuseppe Antonio Scala

17.20     Closing,  Best Paper Award



Poster Session   (Chairman M.Conti)

1.   JPEG Encoder Architectures for Wireless Networks, C. Scavongelli , M. Conti

2.   Comparison of a spatially-structured cellular evolutionary algorithm to an evolutionary algorithm with panmictic population, T. Dittrich and W. Elmenreich

3.   Battery Management System Simulation using SystemC, C. Scavongelli, F. Franco, S. Orcioni, M. Conti

4.   Embedded system for a Ballbot robot, A. Bonci, M. Pirani, M. Rossi, E.Gabbanini

5.   Myoelectric activity of antagonist ankle-muscles in 6-to-8-year-old children during walking, F. Di Nardo, A. Mengarelli, V. Agostini, A. Nascimbeni, E. Maranesi, L. Burattini, M. Knaflitz, S. Fioretti

6.   Comparison of ankle-muscles activity between school-aged children and young adults during gait: an electromyographic analysis, A. Mengarelli, V. Agostini, S. Fioretti, M. Knaflitz, A. Nascimbeni, E. Maranesi, L. Burattini, F. Di Nardo

7.   Design of a CAN to Bluetooth gateway for a Battery Management System, G. De Maso-Gentile, A. Bacà, L. Ambrosini, S. Orcioni, M. Conti

8.   An initiative for home and living spaces, R. Seepold, N. Martínez Madrid