Theory and Control Systems

Robust control of Uncertain Time Varying Systems

The purpose of this research is to investigate several methodological open control problems which are actually attracting an increasing interest in the international scientific community.

1) Development of new methods of analysis and synthesis for processes affected by large time-varying parametric uncertainty. In particular it will assumed that the parametric variability range is composed of a polytopic region.

2) Analysis and control of LPV systems with noisy parameter measures.

3) New methods for the sporadic control of networked control systems.

4) Development of new algorithms with reduced numerical complexity for the approximate inversion of non minimum phase systems. The above topics will be addressed in the switching control framework, together with efficient numerical methods such as LMIs.

5) Predictive control and pseudo inversion of uncertain systems.

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  • University of L’Aquila
  • IASI CNR Roma

    • National Prin Project 2011: Advanced algorithm for experimental measures relative to microfluidic dynamics