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Marine Robotics

Marine robotics deals with the problems of designing and realizing robotic vehicles and systems for exploration of and intervention in the marine environment. The focus ids on the development of:

  • automatic navigation, guidance and control systems for unmanned underwater and surface vehicles;
  • sensors and signal processing procedures;
  • actuators and devices for marine applications;
  • biometric sensors for monitoring physiological parameters of divers.

The research aims at designing and constructing highly innovative, versatile, integrated surface/underwater robotic systems, capable of performing autonomously complex survey and intervention missions, as well as wearable biometric devices to monitor physiological parameters, like the content of oxygen in muscular tissues and in cerebral areas, of divers during underwater activities. Applications in the areas of underwater archaeology, marine biology and off-shore industry are currently investigated in the framework of several national and international cooperative projects.

Laboratory: LabMACS at DII, Laboratorio di Automazione (Fermo)
Contact PersonGiuseppe Conte

  • ISME – Centro Interuniversitario Sistemi Integrati per l’Ambiente Marino, Marina Militare Italiana

  • H2020 European Project INFRAIA, Progetto Strategico di Ateneo UNIRS