Research Area

  • Title:
    Real-Time Artificial Intelligence

  • Keywords:

    Probabilistic Logic-Based Reasoning, Real-Time Reasoning, Distributed Reasoning, Edge Artificial Intelligence, Low Power Artificial Intelligence

  • Description:

    Since Artificial Intelligence applications became mature, there has been growing interest in employing them in complex real equipment, especially in order to implement “Cyber-Physical Systems” (CPS). AI focused on simulating and reproducing human-like mental processes using formal structures chasing high quality of reasoning. However, with the challenges posed by CPS, AI needs to take into account concrete real “timing performances” in addition to abstract reasoning about “time”. The AI definition of “intelligent agent” seems to perfectly apply to CPS, but to be real, intelligent agents need not only “to deal with time” or “to reason about time” but they need especially “to act in time” and in low-power devices.

  • Laboratory:

    AIRTLab (Artificial Intelligence & Real-Time Laboratory)

  • Contact Person:

    Aldo Franco Dragoni

  • Collaborations:

    HES-SO Valais-Wallis (, Università di Tirana (, SECOM (, SmartProcesses (, DigitArab (

  • Projects:CARIVERONA PhD Grant: “Utilizzo di Reti Neuronali Convoluzionali 3D per riconoscere l’istotipo di cancro al pomone direttamente dalla TAC”