Research Area

  • Title:
    Innovation policy and regional development

  • Keywords:

    Applied economics, smart specialisation strategy, regional development, policy evaluation

  • Description:

    Regional policy and regional development (with a specific focus on technology) is a key area in which the group is actively working. In particular, in the last years the group has focused on the implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategy, a novel EU-level approach to regional innovation policy that requires EU regions to identify technological domains in which they are more likely to reach or maintain a competitive advantage, and then focus their investment and innovation policy in those domains. The concept of S3 is based on two fundamental ideas:

    1. that a region should avoid spreading investments across many different fields, but concentrate them in a few sectors or technological domains in which they can have a significant impact (specialisation)
    2. that those domains are not to be chosen because of their technological or market appeal but because they enhance or complement the research and productive assets already present in the region (smart)
  • Contact Person:

    Donato Iacobucci

  • Collaborations:
    AGID, Camera di Commercio delle Marche, Politecnico di Milano, Università di Padova, ISTAT

  • Projects:

    BLUEAIR – Blue Growth Smart Adriatic Ionian S3 Interreg ADRION, Net4you, AMOCEAB, Observatory for Entrepreneurship in Marche region, Hives – Adriatic IPA, Next Project