Research Area

  • Title:
    Immersive Audio for Multichannel Architecture

  • Keywords:

    Binaural reproduction, immersive audio, HRTF measurements, multichannel audio systems, Loudspeaker arrays, transaural systems

  • Description:

    In recent years virtual reality and multichannel audio systems have become more widespread. In particular, these systems rely heavily on an accurate audio reproduction to achieve good performances. In this context, immersive audio rendering covers an important aspect to improve the performance of the audio reproduction system using headphones (binaural synthesis) or loudspeakers (transaural systems or multichannel systems). In this scenario, the main research topics are:

    • Binaural reproduction
    • Crosstalk Cancellation and HRTF measurements
    • Wave field synthesis/analysis
    • Loudspeaker arrays
  • Laboratory:

    Audio Digital Signal Processing Laboratory and Semi-Anechoic Chamber “E. Mattei” (Audio DSP Lab)

  • Contact Person:

    Stefania Cecchi

  • Collaborations:

    Università di Trieste (Italy), Institute of Acoustics – Chinese Academy of Science (China)

  • Projects:
    • MIRACLE – Marche Innovation and Research fAcilities for Connected and sustainable Living Environments
    • VITALITY – Innovation, digitalisation and sustainability for the diffused economy in Central Italy, CHAALENGE – (KET: ICT), DM MiSE 5 Marzo 2018 -F/180016/01-05/X43