Research Area

  • Title:
    Audio Equalization

  • Keywords:

    Audio Equalization , multichannel audio systems, Single-point equalization , Multi-point equalization, perceptual evaluation

  • Description:

    In the last decade several efforts have been made in the field of sound reproduction to improve the performance of multichannel audio systems. In particular, audio equalization is one of the main methodologies to modify the listening experience, especially in small environment such as automobile. In particular, the automobile is a well-known small noisy environment with several negative influences on the spectral, spatial and temporal attributes of the reproduced sound field. Specifically, depending on the absorbing or reflecting interior materials, on the position of the loudspeakers and on the shape of the car cabin, the reflected sounds can attenuate or amplify the direct sound from the loudspeakers. In this context, audio equalization is strongly required to enhance tone quality and modify frequency response to approximately obtain desired results in terms of audio quality. In this field also the perceptual evaluation of the equalization is a key aspect which is considered and discussed. The main topics of our research activities are:

    • Single-point and Multi-point equalization for Room and Car environment
    • Fixed and Adaptive multichannel equalization for Room and Car environment
  • Laboratory:

    Audio Digital Signal Processing Laboratory and Semi-Anechoic Chamber “E. Mattei” (Audio DSP Lab)

  • Contact Person:

    Stefania Cecchi

  • Collaborations:

    Università di Trieste (Italy), Institute of Acoustics – Chinese Academy of Science (China)

  • Projects:
    • MIRACLE – Marche Innovation and Research fAcilities for Connected and sustainable Living Environments
    • VITALITY – Innovation, digitalisation and sustainability for the diffused economy in Central Italy, CHAALENGE – (KET: ICT), DM MiSE 5 Marzo 2018 -F/180016/01-05/X43