Research Area

  • Title:
    Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems

  • Keywords:

    Lithium-ion batteries, Renewable Energy, SoH, SoC, BMS

  • Description:

    In the last decade electrical vehicles proliferation is becoming an important part of our everyday reality. Lithium batteries are among the most used energy storage system because of their excellent performance. The research aim regards the development of Lithium-ion battery models, the estimation of State of Charge and State of Health and the development of Battery Management Systems to let the battery work in safe conditions. Furthermore, the integration of energy storage systems and electric vehicle in the smart grid is studied, and second life of batteries as energy storage.

  • Laboratory:

    Microelectronics Laboratory

  • Contact Person:

    Massimo Conti

  • Collaborations:

    MIDAC, Loccioni, Energica Motor Company, Smart-e, Arrow, Università di Trieste, Pisa, Salerno; CNR Palermo, Polimarche Racing Team

  • Projects:
    • 2022-25 National Center on “Sustainable Mobility” funded by the PNRR
    • 2020-22 “BATMAN: Management Optimization of Lithium-ion Batteries in Automotive and Energy Storage”, funded by Fondazione Cariverona