Research Area

  • Title:
    Wearable Sensors Design

  • Keywords:

    wireless devices, readout circuits, EMG, ECG, IMU

  • Description:

    The research aims at developing optimized, possibly wearable sensors to capture information suitable for intelligent tasks such as human activity recognition (HAR), ambient-assisted living (AAL), environmental sensing, biological agent detection, etc. The focus is in the design and realization of ultra-low-power systems, using a multi-layer approach that spans from the electronic signal conditioning chain, to the digital processing and system control, to optimized wireless transmission protocols, and firmware implementation. This allows high accuracy sensing, compact dimensions, and extended battery life of the designed devices, making them attractive for practical, unobtrusive applications.

  • Laboratory:

    Micro- and Nano- Electronic Systems Characterization Lab

  • Contact Person:

    Giorgio Biagetti