Research Area

  • Title:
    Embedded AI for Healthcare and Wellness

  • Keywords:

    Embedded AI for Healthcare, Human monitoring, Fitness, Wellness

  • Description:
    This research aims to:
    • study and develop sensors and algorithms for monitoring patients both in the home and in hospitals
    • develop intelligent electronic systems and devices for optimizing fitness training and wellness treatments
  • Main applications are:

    • Development of tools for the objective assessment of neurodegenerative pathologies
    • Optimization of the algorithms integrated in artificial pancreases for children and adolescents and integration with other monitoring systems
    • Study of devices and algorithms for the scleroderma follow up
  • Laboratory:

    Electronic CAD laboratory

  • Contact Person:

    Lorenzo Palma

  • Collaborations:

    Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, “G. Salesi” Hospital, 60123 Ancona, Italy ICAR-CNR, Naples, Italy MOVI SPA Via Dione Cassio, 15, 20138 Milano MI

  • Projects:

    SADAB-IT – Smart Awareness in Digital Automation and Business Intelligence with Integrated Tools”, PON MISE “Fabbrica Intelligente, Agrifood e Scienze della vita”Asse I, Azione 1.1.3 PON Imprese e competitività 2014- 2020