Research Area

  • Title:
    Control of Robotic and Autonomous Systems

  • Keywords:

    Control theory, Robotics, Autonomous System, UAV

  • Description:

    Robotic and Autonomous systems operate with or without human intervention. To achieve partial (or) full-fledged autonomy, they must be able to sense and react to their surrounding environment. These complex systems use a variety of actuators and sensor technologies to gather data from multiple sources to acquire precise information from their surroundings and their internal states to make control decisions to interact with the environment. In this context, the main research activities regard:

    • Model-based fault-tolerant control of dynamical systems, with applications to mobile robots and automation systems
    • Kinematic control of cooperative robotic manipulators subject to faults and/or joint constraints
  • Laboratory:

    Laboratory of Artificially Intelligent Robotics (LAIR)

  • Contact Person:

    Andrea Monteriù

  • Projects:
    SI-ROBOTICS – “Invecchiamento sano e attivo attraverso SocIal ROBOTICS” (2019-2022),