Research Area

  • Title:
    Knowledge Management and Big Data Engineering

  • Keywords:

    Knowledge Representation, Semantics and Ontologies, Data Lake, Architectures for Big Data

  • Description:

    Activities on models, systems, and methodologies for the management and analysis of (Big) Data with special emphasis on distributed and collaborative environments. In particular the research is focused on the the development of ontologies and knowledge graphs for the semantic description of structured objects, like Data Mining models, processes, and Key Performance Indicators, to support sharing, integration and analysis of heterogeneous resources. Recent focus is in particular on Data Lake architectures. The research adopts systems and languages for relational and NoSQL databases, and high performance computing systems for management and querying of Big Data, like Hadoop and Spark.

  • Laboratory:

    Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity (DAISY)

  • Contact Persons:

    Claudia Diamantini, Domenico Potena, Emanuele Storti

  • Collaborations:

    Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Université de Bordeaux, UHP Nancy 1, University of Dayton, Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH (BIBA), CNR, BOC Group AG, ATOS Spain SA, AIDIMA Association, DBpedia Association, Regione Marche, Dipartimento della Pubblica Sicurezza, BIESSE Spa, Iveco Group NV, Magazzini Gabrielli Spa, Engineering Ingegneria informatica Spa, YKK Spa, Loccioni Group, Namirial Spa, Pluservice Srl, Mediamente Consulting Srl, ETT Spa

  • Projects:
    • Intelligence 5.0: dai sistemi cyber-fisici per la creazione di macchine utensili “self-aware” ad innovativi modelli industriali evoluti”  (2022-2023)
    • Youth 4 Digital Citizen Science (2022-2023)
    • Study and application of advanced analysis techniques for traffic data. In partnership with the Dipartimento della Pubblica Sicurezza – DirezioneCentrale per la Polizia Stradale, Ferroviaria delle Comunicazioni e per i Reparti Speciali della Polizia di Stato (2017-2020)