Research Area

  • Title:

    Mathematical programming and discrete optimization for complex decision-making problems

  • Keywords:

    Mathematical programming, discrete optimization, decision-making problems, cutting & packing problems, manufacturing

  • Description:

    Mathematical programming and discrete optimization are transversal topics that lie between operations research, computer science, applied mathematics and engineering, and focus on methodological and algorithmic aspects of complex decision problems, also arising from real applications in manufacturing and logistics settings.
    In the attempt to combine the methodological accuracy with the complexity of real cases, decision problems are mainly modeled by integer linear programming and solved by algorithms based on a variety of mathematical techniques ranging from integer to polyhedral decomposition, from dynamic column generation to cutting planes, from strategies for variable fixing to dual bound tightening, from branching rule design to symmetry handling

  • Laboratory:

    LORA – Laboratory for Operations Research Applications

  • Contact Person:
    Fabrizio Marinelli

  • Collaborations:

    Università degli Studi dell’Aquila (ITALY), Istituto di Analisi Sistemi ed Informatica IASI-CNR (ITALY), Politecnico Milano (ITALY), Università degli studi del Sannio (ITALY), Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (ITALY), Nagoya University (JAPAN), University of Graz (AUSTRIA), Bilkent University (TURKIYE), Universidade do Minho (PORTUGAL), École Polytechnique (FRANCE), Chalmers University (SWEDEN)

  • People:

    Ornella Pisacane, Andrea Pizzuti