Progetto Internazionale – vINCI

  • Project Title: vINCI – Clinically-validated INtegrated Support for Assistive Care and Lifestyle Improvement: the Human Link
  • Project Consortium:
    – National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (RO)
    – Università Politecnica delle Marche (IT)

    – University of Nicosia Research Foundation (CY)
    – National Institute of Telecommunications (PL)
    – Connected Medical Devices (RO)
    – Automa Srl (IT)
    – Optima Molliter Srl (IT)
    – National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics “Ana Aslan” (RO)
    – Comtrade Digital Services (SL
  • DII Personnel involved in the project:
    – Susanna Spinsante
    Alessandro Terenzi
  • Call: AAL JPI Call 2017
  • Start date:  01.06.2018
  • Project duration: 42 months
  • Abstract:

    vINCI’s aim is to enhance older adults’ active ageing and, as a result, their QoL through technology. vINCI provides an integrated technology platform where the older adult is unobtrusively monitored (blending technology) through sets of pluggable technology (extensible technology), his personal records being securely stored (privacy-aware technology) and analysed to extract information to be delivered to his caregivers (through a unique dashboard) for early detection of symptoms related to impairments associated with old age (proactive loop), and for triggering alerts related to possible incidents (reactive loop). vINCI develops the integrated technology for objective monitoring and instrumentation of the QoL intervention (i.e. caregiver would be given objective results of the QoL evolution following the intervention, by integrating leading technologies, and being carefully premised around three complementary themes: connect, collate, and care. Within the vINCI project, the MPU research unit composed by DII personnel is responsible for the R&D activities about the smart insoles and the indoor monitoring technology for the detection and monitoring of physical activity, as well as for the scientific dissemination tasks.

  • Project website: