Progetto Internazionale – PAAL

  • Project Title: Privacy-Aware and Acceptable Lifelogging services for older and frail people – PAAL
  • Project Consortium:
    – Università di Alicante (ES)
    – Università di Aachen (DE)
    – Università di Toronto (CAN)
    – Università di Stoccolma (SW)

  • DII Personnel involved in the project:
    – Susanna Spinsante
    – Angelica Poli
    – Sandro Fioretti
    Domenico Ursino

    Simone Orcioni
    Francesco Piazza
    Stefania Cecchi

  • Call: JPI More Years Better Lives Joint Transnational Call for Proposals (2017) for “Ageing and Place in a digitising world”
  • Start date:  01.04.2018
  • Project duration: 36 months
  • Abstract:

    Lifelogging technologies may enable and motivate individuals to pervasively capture data about them, their environment, and the people with whom they interact in order to receive a variety of services to increase their health, well-being, and independence. There are limited studies about the ethico-legal implications of the use of these technologies to support older and frail people.
    PAAL aims to understand users’ requirements in terms of perceived benefits and barriers and to increase the awareness of the ethical, legal, social, and privacy issues associated with lifelogging, establishing guidelines for responsible research in these technologies. These guidelines will be the basis to propose and develop during the project a variety of privacy-aware and acceptable lifelogging services for older and frail people.

  • Project website: