The Information Engineering Department (DII) has been established in 2011, from the merging of the Department of Biomedical, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering and the Department of Informatics, Management and Automation Engineering.

DII coordinates and supports: the Laurea degree (Bachelor of Science) in Biomedical Engineering; the Laurea (Bachelor of Science) and Magistrale (Master of Science) Degrees in Electronics Engineering; two curricula on Information Sciences of the PhD School. 
DII promotes excellence in most research areas of the Information Engineering field: Applied Economics, Artificial Intelligence and Real Time Systems, Automation, Bio-Engineering, Circuit Theory, Computational Intelligence, Discrete Optimization, Electrical and electronic measurements, Electromagnetism, Electronics, Knowledge Discovery and Management, Nanoelectronics, Operations Research, Optics and Photonics, Robotics and Mechatronics, Signal processing, Software Engineering, System and Control Theory, Technology Entrepreneurship, Telecommunications and others.

The Department is structured in a number of research groups collecting researchers having homogeneous scientific interests. Research is supported by several laboratories and computer facilities. Most of the researchers have strict collaborations with other universities, agencies and institutes, all over the world, and participate to national and international research programs. At the same time, they devote special attention to the technology transfer towards public and private companies, and to the cooperation with the local social and economic context.

The high quality of the developed research activity is documented by a very large number of publications yearly produced and included in top-level international journals, conference proceedings and books chapters. The Department also disseminates scientific and technical knowledge through Department colloquia (seminars periodically held by its researchers), guest seminars (taught by guest researchers from outside the Department); and distinguished lectures by internationally recognized researchers from the Information Engineering areas.