PhD Students

Desar Shahu
PhD Student

  • Curriculum EB – "Elettromagnetismo e Bioingegneria" – XI° ciclo

Research Areas

Desar Shahu is working on respiration and heartbeat monitoring by use of EM waves and on the development of an EM model for the interaction of EM waves with the human body. CW and UWB measuring techniques, EM simulations and signal processing for monitoring the respiration activity are also being concered.

Capsule Bio

Desar Shahu was born on July 12th 1982, in Skarapar, Albania. He was graduated in 2005 in Telecommunication Engineering at the Politechnic University of Tirana. From 2005 to 2009, he has worked as a teaching assistant at the Department of Telecommunications and Electronics of the same University. In 2008 he attended an internship at the Politechnic University of Marche on a project about an Automated and Optimised Outdoor Wireless Mobile Network.


Office Phone:
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