PhD Students

Valentina Di Mattia
PhD Student

  • Curriculum EB – "Elettromagnetismo e Bioingegneria" – XII° ciclo

Research Areas

The research work concerns the development of an electromagnetic device able to detect a huge variety of potentially dangerous obstacles, and to give information about their position, distance and shape to visually impaired users in order to increase their confidence in walking. The device should be small and easy to use so as to be well-integrated with the existing technologies.

Capsule Bio

Valentina Di Mattia was born on August 8th 1984, in Teramo. In 2009, she graduated as Biomedical Engineering (cum laude) and received the Professional Engineering Qualification at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. During 2010 she worked at the Electronic Department of the same University, as a collaborator to the researches about the interaction mechanisms between electromagnetic fields and biological tissues at molecular level. From January 2011 she has started her Phd at the University of Ancona.


Office Phone:
+39 071 2204459