Lucia Migliorelli

Research Fellow

Capsule Bio

Lucia Migliorelli was born in Ravenna, Italy on 4th March, 1994.
She moved in Civitanova Marche when she was 16 years old to play volleyball. After the high school diploma she enrolled in the University of Ancona where she received her Master of science degree (cum laude) in Biomedical Engineering (2018). The title of the thesis was: “A learning-based model for patient-specific monitoring of glucose levels: advanced methods for the analysis of heterogeneous data to control biomedical parameters” (under the superivision of Prof. Frontoni) and it dealt with a treatment- assistive application, based on machine learning methods, to support young adults in managing type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Since November 2018 she is a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Emanuele Frontoni. Her research deals with the design of monitoring systems (thought for different categories of users e.g., elderly people or preterm babies…) based on the analysis of multimedia data through artificial intelligence methods. These intelligent spaces will automatically classify human behaviour and environment-user interactions from non-contact measurements without forcing the patient to use wearable sensors. 

Research Areas:

  • Deep-learning methodologies for images analysis in the field of human action recognition
  • Learning-based medical- record analysis


Office Phone: +39 071 2204825

Room: Q165_196B