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Didactical Laboratory

The Didactic Lab is part of Information Engineering Department (DII) of the Università Politecnica delle Marche, it is a research and didactical structure operating in the areas of: embedded systems, embedded robotics, automation, autonomous systems. The laboratory’s main equipment includes Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), wheeled autonomous vehicles, legged robotic systems, sensors as cameras, distance, inertial etc, and embedded micro controllers.
This laboratory is devoted to the development of tools for modelling autonomous systems and automatic control systems, designing control strategies and analysing their performances. Distributed and centralized control strategies have been investigated and implemented to optimize the control tasks.
The laboratory is mainly used for the design of embedded control systems. A specific micro controller is used in detail as embedded controller. The analysis of the resources incorporated and integrated with this micro controller are improved. Analog to digital conversion, PWM outputs and serial communications are used as functional blocks for real-time controllers. For all the items developed, different laboratories activities have been planned. Students are invited to develop a project on a topic of the course. All projects have a hardware realization, the electronics of the I/O interface will be analyzed. Students will learn how to analyze data-sheets of interface devices with the micro controller in order to allocate processor resources and to define driver electronics.