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Ennio Gambi
Associate Professor


Expertise: Spread Spectrum Techniques and Domotic for Ambient Assisted Living

In the context of Domotic for Ambient Assisted Living, the research activity of Prof. Gambi aimed at studying and implementing home automation systems able to support the daily life of elderly or partially impaired people, that should integrate also Telemedicine capabilities to interface the person at home with a remote health assistance operator. With this task, experimental and research activities aimed to create a "local" network of biomedical devices used to monitor the health conditions of the patient, to implement a central node to collect all the biomedical data provided by the sensor devices and transfer them to the remote center. The research on spread spectrum systems is at present devoted to the performance evaluation of different sets of pseudo-noise sequences (known or of new proposal, like chaotic or De Brujin sequences), applied in communication and radar environment, through the study of their Ambiguity Functions. The task of this activity is to verify the possibility to obtain satisfactory system performance in presence of very low level of the radiated power.

Capsule Bio

Ennio Gambi received his Laurea Degree in Electronics Engineering (Summa cum Laude) from the University of Ancona in 1986. Since 1992 he was with the University of Ancona (now Polytechnical University of Marche) and at present he is an Associate Professor within the scientific sector ING-INF/03 (Telecommunications). At the Polytechnical University of Marche, he is the teacher for the courses of “Telecommunication Systems”, (Laurea in Electronics Engineering), and “Wireless Communications” (Laurea Magistrale in Electronics Engineering). His scientific activity has concerned several aspects of the telecommunication area, with special emphasis on: Proposal and performance evaluation of Spread Spectrum Signals, Signal processing for Multimedia Applications, Safety in Satellite Communications and ICT based Ambient Assisted Living Proposals. He is co-author of more than 150 technical papers and one book.

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