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Aldo Franco Dragoni
Associate Professor


Expertise: Error correcting codes for reliable and secure transmissions

His scientific interests originally regarded two questions:
  1. the problem of "belief revision" in a multi-agent environment: if an agent receives new information that contradicts its previously knowledge, how could rearrange it in order to get rid of the contradiction ?
    Aldo defined a model for belief revision that integrates symbolic approaches to consistency maintenance with numerical methods to reason under uncertainty (which has been tested into a system to support detective inquiries);
  2. the problem of "plan recognition": if an agent observes another agent executing a plan, how could it infer the other’s goals before the plan is completely executed?
    Aldo generalized the concept of “plan recognition from observation” to the idea of “mental states recognition from communication”, by defining abductive methods to infer a speaker’s mental state from his “speech acts”. 
    Aldo devoted much interest in the study of distributed information systems, under the realistic hypothesis that they can be affected by limited degrees of correctness and completeness. Recently he focused his attention to real-time AI techniques and he began to consider "e-Health" as an application area for AI.

Capsule Bio

Aldo Franco Dragoni received a Laurea Degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Ancona, discussing a thesis in the field of Artificial Intelligence on “Plan Recognition from Visual Information”. Currently he is in charge as Associate Professor at the “Università Politecnica delle Marche” ,within the scientific sector ING-INF/05 (Computer Sciences), where he teaches "Foundamentals of Computer Sciences", "Artificial Intelligence" and "Operating Systems 2".
His scientific interests has concerned several aspects of the Artificial Intelligence area, from the classic knowledge-based approaches to more advanced hybrid systems that integrate symbolic reasoning with neural networks. Recently he started a research activity in "Real Time Systems" and opened a new application area for Artificial Intelligence techniques that he called "NetMedicine", which means every Health-related activity which is carried on through the Internet.

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