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Current Year (A.A. 2023/2024)

Current Year (A.A. 2022/2023)


The main research interests and topics focus on analytic methods for data science and, in particular, on discrete optimization. Optimization, a cross-domain subject lying between discrete mathematics, operations research, computer science and engineering, consists in finding the best solution among a huge number of alternatives and therefore helps to solve a broad class of decision-making problems. In particular, many theoretical and practical optimization problems (satisfiability, graph coloring, clustering, vehicle routing, crew scheduling, course timetabling, machine scheduling, cutting stock) can be modeled as an integer linear program with a huge (exponentially many) number of variables and/or constraints, and successfully solved by combining the features of branch-and-bound and column generation techniques into the so-called branch-and-price algorithms. One of the main research topic (but not the only one) concerns the application of the above techniques to real manufacturing problems, production planning and logistics problems. A particular interest concerns the design and the development of heuristic approaches and exact column generation-based algorithms for cutting processes, i.e., the problem of cutting small objects (parts) from large objects (stocks) in order to fulfill the requirement of parts, meet all the technological and organizational requirements and optimize one or more performance indicators, e.g., trim loss, completion times, inventory level.

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Born in Pescara (Italy) at 1968. Degree in Computer Science at University of L’Aquila (1997). PhD in Operations Research at University of Rome “La Sapienza” (2002). Assistant Professor since 2007. Associate Professor since 2016. Full  Professor since 2023.
Teaching of operation research, combinatorial optimization, and production management and logistics courses since 2002.
Author of more than 25 international journal papers and 40 international conference proceedings and talks.
Reviewer for several international scientific journals (among which OMEGA – the International Journal of Management Science, European Journal of Operational Research, Discrete Applied Mathematics, Computers & Operations Research).   
Involved in several optimization and simulation projects. Excellent mastering of simulation and optimisation systems and software.

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