Power Electromagnetism
Application of Microwaves to Artistic : principles and applications
In the panorama of cultural heritage, the presence of paintings and wood art works constitutes a unique richness for the quantity and quality of masterpieces of great intrinsic value. A novel noninvasive technique and a microwave apparatus for work art disinfestations was realized in the past.
The aim of this research is to realize a non invasive technique of disinfesting works of art employing microwaves in a reverberating chamber.
The non invasive technique allows to intervene also on the walls with no alterations of the existing state of preservation.
Laboratory EMC at DII
Contact Person: Roberto De Leo

  • University of Salerno
  • Technical University of Praha
  • Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
  • Emitech srl in Molfetta (Italy)
    Project financed by UNIVPM


    • Roberto Bacchiani, (Ph.D Student)
    • Roberto De Leo