Electromagnetic sensors
This research topics deal with the development of electromagnetic field sensors for application in the biomedical applications, safety , and blind person mobility. In biomedical applications is possible to monitor the physiological human parameters, such as the breath and hearth frequency, using a non contact sensors based on ultra wide band signal. The safety aspect concerns the possibility of detecting an alive person under rubbles or under snow after a snowslide using an em radar that can penetrate under surfaces. With em field sensors it is also possible to help a visually impaired person during its mobility, signaling to him the presence of obstacle along its path. In all of these topics it is necessary to determine the type of signal, the frequency band, the antennas and other parameter that can optimized the performance of the sensor with the help of numerical or analytical simulations depending on the type of application.
Laboratory Antenna laboratory at DII
Contact PersonGraziano Cerri

  • Università “La sapienza” Roma
  • Università dell’Aquila
  • ASI
  • DIISM, Univ. Politecnica delle Marche

  • NIMURRA project financed by Italian Space Agency (ASI), 2011-12