Electrical and electronic measurements

Sensor-based measurements for innovation

Digitalization of processes and services in many different areas, from manufacturing to healthcare to energy distribution and management, relies on the pervasive use of sensors and transducers providing adequate metrological characteristics and performance. In fact, measurement data and signals generated by sensors and transducers are used to feed algorithms, usually based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, to create digital twins of physical entities in a parallel cyber world. The Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation Lab performs research activities on the measurement sensors and methodologies enabling such disruptive innovation, with a specific focus on the introduction of digital services into MV/LV switchgears.
Laboratory: Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation Lab
Contact Person: Susanna Spinsante
Collaborations: IMESA S.p.A.
Projects: IoT-oriented Servitization of MV/LV Switchgears
People: Susanna Spinsante