A significant part of the research activity concerns basic research, with the aim to increase understanding of fundamental principles. This provides a solid cultural starting point for the development of a number of activities more oriented to the application. A natural bridge in this sense is provided by the presence, within the Department, of several laboratories. The Department also hosts the activities of 8 spin-offs. Information on the spin-offs can be found at the following web page.

A number of co-operations are also established between the staff of DII and that of other Departments of the University for the activities related to other spin-offs. In order to give an idea of the several research activities developed in the Department, the following one is a list of the main topics:

  1. Applied Economics and Management Engineering
  2. Bio-Engineering
  3. Circuit Theory and Signal Processing
  4. Electromagnetism
  5. Electronics
  6. Computer Science
  7. Operations Research
  8. Systems and Control Theory
  9. Telecommunications
  10. Electrical and electronic measurements

Applied Economics and Management Engineering 


Circuit Theory and Signal Processing



Computer Science

Operations Research

System and Control Theory


Electrical and Electronic Measurements